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Maybe you've seen my FB post revealing how this site came about in only 4 hrs time? Too good to be true? Yes, because of course this site didn't come about overnight; it used to be online in 2017 in a slimmed down version (without the ICOs tab). Serving as a prototype to assist me in trading more effectively. As based on the guidance of this e-learning course, I developed a custom trading method based on indicators like MACD and their Bollinger Band suggestion. Which in turn resulted in avg. 0.5-2% profit per trade in a timeframe of only 15 minutes tops (through a very flex-time daily effort). Purely based on a simple math without a particular coin preference + sorting through my coindex' Market Overview.

You probably also figured out by now how this site is 'infested' with affiliate links. So how does that benefit you? Well, I only recommend what I'm using myself and hence do not feel a need to apologize. However, WHAT IF you could personalize all the links on a site like this of your own? And connect your own domain? Would that lift your spirit up? As this FREE coindex tool served a bigger purpose, towards something far more substantial I already finished building late 2016 and was going to Prelaunch early 2017 (when the Bitcoin value was still below $800-900USD). Infact if I had just launched it? I would have been a Bitcoin millionaire now. Even more so, as the scripts that I purchased would only benefit the admin (me) and not serve the member base with integrity. Hence I didn't launch it. And, in hindsight, I should have invested more money into HODLing, then putting in close to 75BTC in infrastructure costs towards an eco-system of sites (known as the Options4ALL.net Project).

The better news: Now that I no longer have companies and doing everything from here-on-end purely as a hobby (as explained in my LinkedIN.com/in/rhyker2u summary). I can now focus on my own needs, instead of trying to serve the many. To do what I love, without chasing money or trying to convince anyone to 'join me'. Not to mention, without providing the training overhead that comes with the 1001 tools in 'My Digital Rolodex' as I'm going to be focused on a subset of companies. However, as I like things to be simple & time efficient I need access to a couple of things I built and finished ages ago (including this site). Things that have affiliate links personalization / replication features built-in by default. So I can either undo what I've built or release it publicly (for FREE) and teaching how you can do the same thing or simply plugin without reinventing the wheel. And you can probably guess what the domain it's going to be considering this 'coindex' site is a subdomain. ;-) To be continued ...

Till then? Claim your 60% KBC Bonus here. As that's just one of the many companies I'm going to focus on in 2018-2019 to earn a nice income on the side to pay for our hobbies.