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December 26, 2016
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PRCoin is a Blockchain P2P advertisement platform. Publisher can choose an adequate advertisement to post on his homepage, blog, etc. and get PRCoin as an revenue from the advertiser. Advertiser can buy PRCoin to pay advertisement fees and publisher can sell PRCoin gained as advertisement fee in exchange market. Unlike usual concept of advertisement, advertiser can sell right to publish his advertisement to the publisher in PRCoin advertisement platform. Publisher must buy the right to publish the advertisement from the advertiser. Which means, publisher buy the right from the advertiser and after that publisher receive advertisement fee from the advertiser. This is a cycle that advertiser can gain revenue from selling rights to the publishers and paying advertisement fee after. This can lead advertisers to make more effective and higher quality of advertisements so that they can be chosen from publishers. For publishers, they can publish better advertisement to give more effectiveness of advertising to consumers. This will raise both publishers' and advertisers' revenue.
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